A Stitch in Time*

Friday, October 3, 2008


It's been a very busy and stressful work week, and it's been extremely hot here. It finally was a bit nicer today, and instead of being over 100 degrees it was in the 80's. No stitching this week, but I did do a bit last Sunday on some of the newly charted garden elements.

I've been toying with Flickr and came up with this mosaic that shows our backyard flowers. It's not the least bit creative, but the colors appeal to me:

1. Backyard Flower, 2. Pansy, 3. Morning Glory, 4. Hydrangea, 5. African Violet, 6. Hydrangea, 7. Hydrangea bloom ~ "Endless Summer", 8. Hydrangea, 9. Lilac, 10. Endless Summer Hydrangea, 11. Hydrangea ~ planted 2005, 12. Hydrangea, 13. First Yellow Tree Rose of Spring, 14. Pansy, 15. Pansy, 16. Yellow Rose, 17. Tree Rose ~ Potted, 18. Orange Flower, 19. Orange Clock Vine, 20. Orange Flower, 21. Orange Flower Collage, 22. Orange Clock Vine, 23. Morning Glory, 24. Cabana Rose, 25. Red Tree Rose, 26. Poinsettias in March, 27. Begonia, 28. Bottlebrush and Bee, 29. Climbing Rose ~ Blaze, 30. Cliimbing Rose

Thanks for all your kind comments on my stitching design. I can't wait to get more done on it soon!

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