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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Plotting A Project and Feeder Success!

I've spent all evening working on a sampler pattern of sorts that I will someday stitch. It's based on a wonderful sampler of homes I found online that was stitched by a group of French women. Here's a picture of that sampler, called the Dijon Sampler:
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Several other stitchers around the globe have also stitched similar neighborhood samplers, and I've loved watching their progress online.

I would love to be part of a Round Robin, but I truly have never committed to one due to time limitations on my part. I just can't stand the thought of a deadline when it comes to my hobby. It's too much like my job then, to me. All the more reason I so applaud my fellow stitchers who stitch up a storm in Round Robins.

So all evening I've been graphing out various houses I wish to stitch, and fitting them along with other motifs on the graph paper my husband bought me. I've had enough for now, and I wish I had a crosstitch program of sorts for my computer. I think it would make it easier, wouldn't it?

We'll have to see about that one!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Backyard Flower and Guest

It's already Wednesday. We had a blast at Sunday's wedding, by the way. The flowers and dresses were beautiful. The couple was married at a winery, and the ceremony was on a hill overlooking grapevine fields. The reception was held indoors in a lovely room that was on the very top of a hill and had huge windows for sunset viewing. For dinner we had a choice of filet mignon, salmon, or a vegetarian entree. The food was excellent and beautiful looking. We had a great time dancing and celebrating with our friends.

I injured myself at one wedding (bad enough to miss a week of work) I attended due to too much dancing, so at least this time I took it easy and am in the same shape I was before the wedding.

The most interesting part was the cake. The bride wanted a "funfetti" cake, so that's basically what it was! It was colorful inside, and very tasty.

I wanted to post the picture shown above last summer, but I never had a chance to do so. I took this in August when I was playing with the camera and various settings. Sigh. I wish it were early August again.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. It's always wonderful to hear from people here!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Wanderings

I was able to buy this magazine:

Sometimes it's hard to find one, but I found it. Hurrah!

The store I found it in was in a quaint little shopping village, and if I had more time it would have been fun to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while there. Unfortunately, home duties called me back in this direction.

Weekends seem to fly by so quickly. It's downright amazing, isn't it?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Double Duty

This week has been especially busy, but rewarding. I wish I'd have stitched, but I haven't had any time to sit and stitch.

We're taking care of my parents' dog this week. She's the black dog shown above with our greyhound. It's been fun having this hound here with us!

I hope that the upcoming weekend brings me some time to stitch.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Embroidered Pillowcase Happy Dance

I'm happy to say that I finished one of the two pillowcases I've been working on in the evenings throughout the past month or so. Well, I thought it was finished but after I put the photos on Flickr I noticed that I need to complete one of the flower stems! It will only take me a few minutes, so for that reason I'm still posting this as a finished project.

I don't know what I am going to do with this set of pillowcases, except for keep it for a future gift for a family member. My mother-in-law bought these for me already stamped and ready to stitch. She has been gone now for 13 years, so that tells you how long they sat stamped and ready to go in my stash drawer!

I used regular DMC thread, variegated thread, and color variations thread. I liked the color variation type a lot as it changes color more often.

Here's a full view of the design:
Embroidered Completed Pillowcase

Embroidered Completed Pillowcase

Here's a few detail shots. I took some more that better show the color variations thread, but the photos turned out too shadowed.

Embroidered Pillowcase Flower Detail

 Embroidered Pillowcase Flower Detail

Today is the last day of vacation before students arrive tomorrow! Time to get to the details I have left before that important time.

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