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Monday, September 3, 2007

Embroidered Pillowcase Happy Dance

I'm happy to say that I finished one of the two pillowcases I've been working on in the evenings throughout the past month or so. Well, I thought it was finished but after I put the photos on Flickr I noticed that I need to complete one of the flower stems! It will only take me a few minutes, so for that reason I'm still posting this as a finished project.

I don't know what I am going to do with this set of pillowcases, except for keep it for a future gift for a family member. My mother-in-law bought these for me already stamped and ready to stitch. She has been gone now for 13 years, so that tells you how long they sat stamped and ready to go in my stash drawer!

I used regular DMC thread, variegated thread, and color variations thread. I liked the color variation type a lot as it changes color more often.

Here's a full view of the design:
Embroidered Completed Pillowcase

Embroidered Completed Pillowcase

Here's a few detail shots. I took some more that better show the color variations thread, but the photos turned out too shadowed.

Embroidered Pillowcase Flower Detail

 Embroidered Pillowcase Flower Detail

Today is the last day of vacation before students arrive tomorrow! Time to get to the details I have left before that important time.

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