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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Time for blogging and any other sort of fun pastime has been sadly short in the past several weeks. I haven't had a chance to work on my pretty Summer Queen for awhile now. Sigh. I so hate when life gets in the way of doing the stuff we like to do, but that's how it is.

I spent 13 years at home as a Stay-at-Home Mom. My heart is still at home, even though I'm now in my tenth year at my 'grown up' job as a teacher.

What have these past several weeks brought? I'm sad to say it, but just work, work, and more work. One would think my job would get easier each year, right? Sadly more and more is put upon us, so time spent doing paperwork becomes massive. This has definitely been my most demanding year ever.

On a happy note, I was recently able to turn in paperwork this week that reflected the completion of my Master's Degree. Hurrah! It took me over two years to do it, while many of my colleagues were able to do the program in less than a year. At least it's done.

Also in the 'happy' department is time spent with our little grandson. I get to see him about once a week, as we just don't live 'down the street' but about 20 miles away. What precious times those are! This picture was taken last week while my mom was holding him. He's wearing a onesie our daughter appliqued with his first initial:
Robby -12 weeks-Appliqued Onesie

I'll end this with a sharing of a gallery of photos I compiled on Flickr. Thanks to all the people who took these gorgeous photos. Enjoy!

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