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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New WIP----A Royal Lady for Reacquaintance

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the wonderful comments regarding my recently finished House and Garden Sampler. I still haven't had the chance to take it to our not-so-local LNS for framing. Maybe someday soon? Each weekend thus far has been filled with fun activities with family and friends, so for that reason alone the framing will have to wait!

This upcoming weekend a lifelong friend is flying into our area for a visit, so again the sampler framing project will be on hold. She's a great friend, but she doesn't share my love of crafts and needlework, nor has she ever done either thing. We did both have home economics in eighth grade though, and I remember sewing up some cute smock tops in flame stitch patterns. (It WAS the 70's!)

It's funny, very few people I know in my daily life have seen my needlework unless they've been to my home. Even then I don't point it out on my walls, and actually few seem to take note of it.

It's one of those things that few people seem to 'get'. I'm grateful for all of you who take the time to read this blog. Thanks for sharing my love for needlework and all things crafty! You've touched my life with your kind words and spirit.

I am again working on Mirabilia's Summer Queen. The funny thing is, I thought I was just about completely done with her in the summer of 2007. I then realized I had a bottom section that was completely neglected! I've worked on her for about two hours in the last few weeks, so I don't have any new progress pictures yet, but I promise you that I will soon. Here she is though when we photographed her way back when. If you've seen these photos before, I apologize. I don't think I've talked about her here for a few years, so perhaps I'm safe in digging this stuff up again.

A full view: (I only have the bottom to finish!)

Summer Queen WIP Full Length

Some close-ups of her:
Summer Queen WIP Sleeve Detail

Summer Queen WIP Head Close-up

Perhaps because the piece was sitting so long, I noticed that a few of the beads are coming out of her head area. Sigh. I need to redo them sometime soon. My stitching shouldn't be that weak, should it?

Thanks for stopping by here today, and thanks for appreciating the needlework I do.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finis...Finished...I'm Finally Done!

I started my House and Garden Sampler around October 7, 2007. I'm finally done! I just added a few more flowers and birds tonight. This week I will take it to be framed at my not-so-local needlework store.

What a fun project this has been. I will now go back to working on Summer Queen. I don't have much left to do on her, so that will be a finish in the near future.

Thanks for your encouragement in completing this project. It's been really exciting watching it come together. I am not quite happy with it, but then again I am a complete perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing so that's not surprising.

Here are the last flowers I added tonight:
A few Flowers Added to the Sampler

Here's a photo of my 'plan', as it looked today:
My House and Garden Sampler "Plan"
Yes, that's about six 8 X 11 graph paper sheets haphazardly taped together, and not very well, either.

Finally, the finished sampler:

Completed House and Garden Sampler

I'm going to miss this project. I feel that way after completing all large projects, and large projects are what I mostly do.

Thanks for stopping by today, and thanks for all your comments and encouragement.

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Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm so glad it's May. That means June is not far off, and soon it will be summer.

I am almost done with the House and Garden Sampler. Here are the latest progress pictures. (I haven't done any stitching in two weeks, but hope to finish it this weekend.)

House and Garden Sampler WIP

House and Garden Sampler WIP

House and Garden Sampler WIP

I'm going to add a few more flowers, a few more flying birds, and then I will be done!

Thanks for stopping by today.

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