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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Old Dresser Scarf -Stamped Embroidery

Thanks for your supportive comments regarding my dad and his health. I appreciate it a lot. It's been a very hard time, but it's great to have the love of family and friends during a time like this.

I decided to share a photo of a dresser scarf I crosstitched for my parents' upstairs antique room awhile ago. I used 'antique' colors, or at least I considered them to be old-fashioned. Here it is:
Dresser Scarf

I also wanted to show you the birds that have been enjoying the finch feeder we hung in May. It's amazing how many birds have come to our yard because of this feeder.

Lesser Goldfinches and Friend

I have stitched a bit this past week, and I'll share a progress photo soon. I finished the 8th house in my sampler, and have just two left to do. After that I'll add the garden elements and some sort of border.

Take care!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Break from the Stitching Blog

I haven't been around much lately, and I finally decided that I should just state exactly why I haven't been around here. Stitching has taken a complete back seat in my life and in my mind. My dad has been in declining health, and is now under Hospice care with Alzheimer's Disease. He went to the hospital one month ago today, and is now in a skilled nursing facility after having returned to the hospital another time in the past month. My mother cared for him as long as she could in their home, and I frankly don't know how she did it for so long. She did a great job, for as long as she could physically handle it.

To say it has been devastating to watch my dad decline in this manner would be a complete understatement. He was a very intelligent man with a gift for words, and he can now hardly respond to simple commands. He usually cannot even form small phrases. He can sometimes give us one word answers, other times he can't answer us at all. These past few days when I was with him it often times seemed he didn't know me at all, although yesterday he did say 'hi' to my brother by name. There are moments that are more lucid than others. Happily though, at times he still shows his sarcastic wit with a wonderfully snide comment here or there.

So for awhile there's a break in reports on stitching. I don't know when I'll return with updates on that, as at this time it's simply not relevant in my life. There hasn't been time to stitch, for one thing. I hope that makes sense, and I am sorry that for today this blog entry is not coming from the 'cheerful' side of life. It is real though, and from the heart.