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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on Sampler

This sampler is slowly but surely getting completed!

Ten months ago, I added my version of our little home we live in. Here's a photo of the house when I first stitched it:

House and Garden Sampler - Our House

This past week I added elements around the house. As you will be able to see, our yard doesn't actually include all of these cute elements, but it's fun to pretend, isn't it? We live in the middle of a large city, so we don't have sheep in our yard, nor do we have a duck swimming in a pond. Haven't seen any rabbits around here, either.

I have thought of adding half stitches for the grass, but just can't do it yet. I'm not sure that it needs the half stitches anyway. Here it is:

Animals, Trees, and Flowers Added

I finished the garden around the Tudor style home.

Garden Added

Garden of Tudor House

Garden Added

I took some of the garden elements from this piece that I stitched years ago. I did vary the colors and more to fit the area.

Gathering Honey Sampler

Finally, a view of the whole piece as it looks now. You can get a better view by clicking on it, and viewing it on Flickr:
House and Garden Sampler WIP

Now I need to figure out what to add to some blank areas. I think it's becoming more of a 'spot motif' sampler than a House and Garden one, but that's okay with me. It's really been fun working on the sampler, and watching it come together bit by bit.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Flowers

Hi everyone!

I hope you are as happy as I am that the weekend is here again. On top of that, it's springtime!

Thanks for stopping by here today. It's interesting, I added a 'Follower' box in the sidebar awhile back, and I really appreciate that some people have added their names as a 'Follower'. This week I noticed that someone left the 'Follower' box. Sigh. I hope they still come back and visit here once in awhile.

I have been stitching a bit on my sampler lately, I just haven't had time to do an update picture. I promise to post one soon.

Last of all, I want to share some photos from our yard. These were taken in previous summers and springs, and I apologize if you have seen them before. The photos make me smile, and I hope they brighten your day.

Take care, and again...thanks for stopping by here!

First of all, a hydrangea. I love hydrangeas!

Fall Hydrangea

A geranium I rewarded myself with when I finished my Master's project a year ago:


A rose from our backyard:

First Yellow  Tree  Rose of Spring

Yellow Rose

Finally, Scentimental Rose. It's in a pot on our deck:

Scentimental Rose

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sampler Update!

Here are the latest progress photos on my House and Garden Sampler. There is something about the sampler that bothers me, but I am not yet sure what it is. I guess it's my old critical eye.

Here it is, the last time I shared it here:

Sampler Progress February 2009

Here's how it looks now. I finished the bird, added a rose in the upper left corner, and have half the garden around the top left house completed:
Berlinwork Bird

Berlinwork Rose
Tudor House and Garden

Garden Detail

House and Garden Sampler WIP

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shores, Cobblestone, and "Interesting" Photos

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The pattern above is The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. I love the colors, and how the various motifs fit together so well. I've seen this one stitched up in photos, but never in person. Isn't it gorgeous?

I have been working a bit on my sampler this week, and I'll have to post an update soon. I am pulling a tiny bit of the cobblestone details and flowers from this piece I stitched way back when:

Gathering Honey Sampler

I'm placing those elements around the Tudor style house.


I am a complete nerd, and I check from time to time to see which photos on our Flickr account are 'most popular' with people who view the photos. In case you want to see a few, here are the most popular ones according to how 'interesting' they are to other Flickr members. I guess the 'interesting' factor is based on views, comments, and how many people call it a favorite of theirs on Flickr. Much to my husband's dismay the most popular photos are all photos of needlework. The first non-needlework popular one is the tenth most 'interesting' photo, and it's a photo of one of our cats!

This photo is the #1 most 'interesting' one I've posted on Flickr. It's a photo of an apron my brother and his wife bought for our mom while touring Russia and the Baltic States. Isn't it fascinating how it's all stitched up in chain stitches?

Chain Stitch Apron made in Russia

The next most popular photo is this one:

Satin Stitch Flowers on Shirt Sleeve Cuff

I stitched that shirt back when I was a teenager, and this is a close-up of the shirt's cuff. I sure wish it fit me now! Although I think at this age I would look very weird wearing it....I would look "teenile". I love that word--teenager combined with senile.

Here's the next photo:

Stoney Creek:  Home for the Holidays

It's a freebie that took me years to stitch. I got it from the DMC corporation, and the designer is Stoney Creek. I am sad to admit that I still don't have it framed. I started it in 1987, I believe, and finished it in 2002 or so. It's one of my last 'Aida' pieces that was started before my plunge into evenweave fabrics.

The next most 'interesting' photo we posted is this one:

Embroidered Completed Pillowcase

I stitched this pillowcase set for my sister-in-law. I really had fun with them, and I loved using DMC's variation threads here and there.

Finally, our fifth most popular photo according to the "interestingness" factor on Flickr is this one:

Summer Queen WIP Full Length

I only have to finish the bottom portion, then I'm done! It's Mirabilia's Summer Queen. I haven't worked on it in over 18 months. Perhaps I should put the Sampler away, and finish this one. What would you do?

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring is Coming & Some Stitching Inspiration

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The pictures above were taken in our yard during the past few springs or summers. I'm happy that spring is coming soon. I am ready for our very mild winter to be ending.

Here's a sampler I really like:

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It's called The Embroideress by Joanne Harvey. It has to be added to my long list of "to do" patterns.

I haven't had a chance to do any stitching lately. Soon I will, I hope.

Thanks for stopping by today.