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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Picture is Worth How Many Words?

I wish I had some stitching news, but I don't! Instead, I would like to share some photos we took recently.

First of all, it's been so HOT that we were fortunate enough to capture with our camera a hawk standing on our driveway. He was drinking water from our neighbor's sprinklers, and also reaching out to enjoy the sprinkler mist.

We live in an urban area, so we're always a bit surprised to see hawks near us.

Hawk Enjoying Sprinklers

Hawk Catching Sprinkler Water on a HOT Day

The other evening we drove to a park near my mother's house and took some photos of the sunset. I really love the colors in these! Sadly there is smoke in the air with fires burning some 25 miles away from where we took the photos, so that makes the sunset's colors especially orange.




I love this one:
Sunset View

Before sunset, and the smoke is visible:

Fire Clouds Before Sunset

One more with smoky clouds:

Sunset and Fire Clouds

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