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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving Day

New blog address:

Sigh, sigh. I am so sad.

I have had this blog at this place for five years, but now I must move to a new place. It's due to that annoying unsolicited redirect suffered here. I was forced to go back to my original blog template, and it's just too hard to work with it.

I have lost my followers box, and also my blog list. I have lost so many other features that existed on the blog that got taken over, for lack of another expression.

Time to start anew. Do come by and check out the new one!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Found Again-- This Little Blog

I had an incredibly frustrating problem with my blog, and I've been trying to fix it for days.

Years ago I had some gadgets on my blog that are no longer in use. However, the third party service I used kept my blog address. Just this week, my blog was inaccessible to me and any attempt to get to it led to this third party address.

I was finally able to fix it tonight, but that meant reverting back to the original template I had when I started this back in 2006. So that is what you're looking at now. I will fix it up, just don't know when!

Thanks for bearing with me.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TUSAL is coming later!

My TUSAL update must wait. I am having major problems with blogger right now, keep getting directed to some sort of spam website.

Very frustrating, will have to return here another day.

Thanks for coming by today!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Queen Head WIP

Summer Queen Head WIP by loves2stitch2
Summer Queen Head WIP, a photo by loves2stitch2 on Flickr.

I should pull this one and work on it, too! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fruit Bellpull

Fruit Bellpull by loves2stitch2
Fruit Bellpull, a photo by loves2stitch2 on Flickr.

I first saw this piece back in 2001 or so, and I HAD to have the pattern. After much searching, I bought it from a stitcher on the Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board. It's Teresa Wentzler's Fruit Bellpull. Like all Wentzlers, there are lots of blended threads.

I started it in 2002, and I wish I'd worked on it more often. I do need to pick it up more often!

Do you have any old WIPs? Can you relate to what I've done with this piece, and a few other projects of mine? Any suggestions to help me get it done?

I used to rotate pieces, and that did seem to help in getting more done on all my WIPs. These days I just don't have time to get much done at all stitching wise. How can I find more stitching time?

Thanks for visiting today, please help me out!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Can We Go Back? Now?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relaxing Afternoon

Spring Afternoon, a photo by loves2stitch2 on Flickr.

Missing relaxing times right now!

Have a great day.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer, Why Must You Go?

Summer is ending for me. Work has officially begun, and students return this week.

I love you, Summer of 2011!

Just wish you could have stayed around longer...

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

ORT Jar- TUSAL Update

It's yet another TUSAL update. That's the Totally Useless StitchALong that I'm happily a part of this year. It's sponsored by Daffycat.

Here we are:

Jar of Threads

It's looking a bit more colorful, and that's because I actually stitched up a tea towel this month.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tea Towel Finished! Believe it, or not!

I decided to leave my counted crosstitch projects for awhile so that I could actually FINISH a project.

I stamped up several towels and finished this towel in one evening. I added green accents as the person who'll be getting it has a green kitchen. I will be adding words, but that will come after I've finished the other two towels in this set.

It's great to have something done for once!

Tea Towel

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Chocolate Snack Mix

Christmas is a long way off, but in my previous post I talked about starting to plan and stitch some stitched gifts.

Believe it or not, I did just that on Monday. I actually started stitching up some gifts! I will share more about those another day.

Today I wanted to share a recipe that we make at Christmas time. It's also requested by other people year round as it's so delicious and enjoyable to share at parties. It also makes a great gift when you throw it into a cute tin.

White Chocolate Snack Mix

You might want to divide this recipe in half. This full batch is very large.

1 package (10 ozs) mini pretzels

5 cups Cheerios

5 cups Corn Chex

2 cups salted peanuts

1 pound of plain M and M candies

2 packages (12 ounces each package) vanilla chips

3 Tbsp. vegetable oil

In a huge bowl (When I make a full batch, I use two large cooking pots and divide the ingredients evenly between the two pots) combine the first five ingredients; set aside. In a microwave-safe bowl heat chips and oil (do one bag at a time, use that amount for the one bowl of dry ingredients) on medium-high for two minutes, stirring after the first minute. Microwave on high for 10 seconds, stir until smooth. Pour onto the dry ingredients that are set aside in the bowl, stir well. Spread the mixture onto 4 waxed paper-lined baking sheets. (2 baking sheets for a half recipe). Cool. I set each cookie sheet in the freezer for five minutes maximum to harden quickly. Break apart. Store in an airtight container. The full recipe makes five quarts.

If you bring this to a gathering, you will find that people think it's rather addicting. I think it's that combination of sweet and salty!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer, Summer, Let Me Count The Ways I Love You!

Summer is flying by. Where does time go? I wish I could wind the clock back.

A month ago we were in Spain. That was magical. 
It was a lifelong dream to go there! I feel so happy that I was able to go. 

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

A bit before that trip in the earliest part of June we were celebrating all kind of  family members' birthdays at our daughter's house.

A few weeks ago after we returned from Spain we celebrated my mother's huge milestone birthday here at our little abode.

Chocolate Curl Cake- delish!

And a week ago today it was the fourth of July with all its fireworks, food, and laughter. What joy it was to watch our 19 month old grandson experience fireworks for the first time! He's still talking about them. ("Boom, boom..psssh...")

Last week my closest lifelong friend came here for several days. We've known each other for 40 years. Yes, forty years!

    1979 Photo - Where did my neck go? I had one here.

We had a blast driving around, going to Disneyland, talking, shopping, eating out, seeing Midnight in Paris, (loved it!) and sharing memories. There's nothing like having a long shared history with a friend, is there? She and I are quite opposite in many ways, but our friendship endures through time and distance. (A few years ago I dragged her along to a craft- type fair.  I do believe ( based on her facial expression and comments) that she would have preferred going for a triple tooth extraction! It's all good.)

Later this week my mom is coming to visit and we'll do more local outings while trying to stay cool in this presently humid but mostly dry, hot, edge-of- the -desert place where we live.

And the clock is ticking, ticking. Soon it will be time to trudge back to work and get ready for August's school year beginning. The children will be so scared and needy, and that's understandable. They're little. I must be prepared mentally and physically, and organization-wise, too.   I won't complain though, it's been great to have so much time off! No whining here.

It's been the best summer we've had in years. So very relaxing, so full of fun stuff. I feel very fortunate and blessed.

Yesterday I was going to start a new needlework project. I was thinking of stamping some dish towels, and starting some Christmas gifts. I've never done that before. That is to say, I've never worked ahead like that in any area of my life, nor have I ever thought of Christmas in July. On top of that, I haven't started a new needlework project in several years.  That's right, nothing new in years.

Instead, I did nothing yesterday.   That's what summer is to me, too, I guess. Doing NOTHING. I succeeded at that, especially yesterday. 

What about you? Are you staying busy this summer, or are you taking it easy? Have you started any new projects lately?

Thanks for stopping by today, and thanks for your comments. I appreciate  all of them. :)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

TUSAL update

It's that time again! It's a TUSAL update. That's the Totally Useless StitchALong that I'm happily a part of this year. It's sponsored by Daffycat.

It has been a wonderful month, but there was only a bit of time for stitching, and that happened yesterday.  Here is the latest progress in my little ORT jar:

I'm still working on Paula Vaughan's Wedding Ring Bouquet, and in this piece there's a lot of ecru and white.
Here's a better look

I would post a progress picture of the piece, but I don't feel it's changed much since this picture was taken:
Wedding Ring Bouquet- WIP

Finally, a few peeks of our cats, dog,  and the patio. I love summer evenings!  It's very hot here in the daytime, but in the evening it's quite nice in the backyard!

Sassy Cat- Our Orange One

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beautiful Vacation in Spain

We recently returned from a long-awaited journey. We visited Spain! It was our first trip abroad, ever. I've wanted to visit this country since I was a young girl in Spanish class--way back when.  Our trip included staying in five different cities, and we also visited several others for the day.

It was a delight in every way. The country was beautiful, the historical sights were stunning, and the people were friendly and welcoming. 

A snippet of the places we visited:

Madrid, Spain in the Evening
Madrid in the Evening

Alcazar of Toledo, Spain
The Stunning City of Toledo

Looking Out of the Alcazar
The Alcazar in Sevilla

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede 
The Cathedral in Sevilla

The Alhambra in Granada

Close to Valencia, Spain
The Mediterranean Sea

Churros and Chocolate
Churros and Chocolate in a Valencia Restaurant

Bridge and Building
Calatrava's Architecture in Valencia

Valencia Cathedral
Cathedral in Valencia

Cathedral of Cordoba
The Mesquita in Cordoba

La Sagrada Familia
Guadi's La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Park Guell
Park Guell in Barcelona- designed by Guadi

Park Guell
More from Parque Guell

The Monastery at Montserrat

Flamenco Dancer- Palacio Andaluz
Flamenco Dancer in Sevilla

What a fantastic time it was. Now it's back to reality and responsibilities. Maybe some stitching today will ease me back into the routine?

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Monday, June 6, 2011


Posted by Picasa
It's yet another TUSAL update. That's the Totally Useless StitchALong that I'm happily a part of this year. It's sponsored by Daffycat. (Please go take a peek!)

This past month has been a very busy one, and it has left NO time for stitching.  I haven't stitched in weeks. I miss it.

Vacation is here, nonetheless, and soon I will be picking up my needle again.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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