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Monday, November 24, 2008

I love fifty!

Degrees, that is! I am lucky to have the entire week off, but I'm still battling the cold I started with over a week ago so that's a bit annoying. Who cares? It's FINALLY cooling off here. That's what I am grateful for today.

Just now I went out to feed the birds in the backyard and it felt really, really crisp. You know, fall crisp? I think it's around 50 degrees right now. Hurrah! One day last week it got to ninety degrees, and by this time in the morning it was over 70 degrees.

It might be freezing where you are, so I apologize for complaining about the heat. We're just glad that it's finally cooling off around here. Chudi and Windy, is it cooler in your neck of the woods?

To celebrate this fine weather we're having, a photo of our daughter and one of our many cats:
Laura and Coco

Maybe this week I'll get a chance to stitch. Right now it's catch-up time around here.

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