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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Disaster, WIPs , Claws, Overgrown Bushes, and Trees

Thanks for your get well wishes and nice comments on my previous post. I still am not feeling great but I'm on the mend and that feels wonderful!

It was over ninety-three degrees yesterday, and a lot of our area suffered from hideous fires and heartbreaking loss. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes in the fire.

It's hard to imagine the fury, loss, temperature, and weather created by these huge fires we have been experiencing each year in the area.


On a completely different note, an update on stitching, our dog, some overgrown bushes, and a huge tree:

Last time I posted a picture of my sampler, it looked like this:

House and Garden Sampler WIP

I stitched a bit today and here are some photos of how it looks now:
House and Garden Sampler
House and Garden Sampler

Last House on House and Garden Sampler

And our cat Sassy enjoying the piece again:
House and Garden Sampler

Last week our dog Eddie hurt his paw and had to go to the vet. It seemed his dewclaw was injured and he was in great pain. The vet had to remove it, as it was barely in place. Our dog is 80 lbs, but he's known at the vet for his dramatics.

Here he is, after going to the vet and having his paw wrapped:
Eddie after Vet Procedure...

As our daughter says, in the photo above you can see Eddie wincing from the camera's flash. He is so, so ultra dramatic!

Awhile back I shared some photos here of a fence corner (I can't get the link to work after about six tries, but I talked about the fence corner on August 4 of this year!) that we were in the process of renovating, so to speak. Last weekend we continued on our quest for improvement, and we had the juniper shrubs removed.

Here's a 'before' of that corner. This is a major 'before' (I'm embarrassed of this look in our own yard!), even before the new fence:


Finally, here is the same area after we had the old junipers removed, along with the new fence:

Fence Corner after More Shrubs Removed

Huge Shrub Removal

Now we have to get going on some planting! What should we plant there? All suggestions are welcome, so please leave a comment on your ideas. The area gets full sun, and it's hot here in the summer.

Thanks for stopping by today! Please give me some suggestions on some plants for the back corner. We want something tall that will give us privacy. :)

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  • At November 19, 2008 at 1:56 PM , Blogger Windy said...

    I am not used to seeing that tree so bare. It will grow back fast though. I bet you do enjoy the sun in the kitchen now. I remember I was so sad when Gram and Gramps cut down theirs in the front. I have never thought the house looked the same without it. It's weird how one tree can give a house so much character, huh. Maybe some nice trumpet vines on a trellis would look good on that side of the house??? I love those big purple ones. Don't know the name.

  • At November 20, 2008 at 6:12 AM , Blogger The Scarlett house said...

    Poor Eddie...give him a hug for me. I always get nervous when my husband starts trimming in our yard. I never like it when it's bare looking, but it always grows back better. We have several tall bushes that I love, and they're called Bottle Brush something. They have red flowers that really look like a brush. They grow easy and handle the heat. The leaves are various shades of green.

  • At November 20, 2008 at 8:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Baby, Baby, poor Baby.....



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