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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Almost Mid-December

I had to share this photo of some really beautiful Japanese embroidery. If you click on it, you'll get a much better view than I'm providing on the blog page. Isn't it lovely? The colors are so brilliant, especially viewing them today when it's a bit cloudy outside.

The month is almost half over, and it's been frightfully busy. We finally just put some Christmas decorations out yesterday. I usually do that the day after Thanksgiving. We still don't have our lights up outside, nor do we have a tree. I have only bought a few gifts so far.

My job is keeping me too busy, as is my Master's program. I will be glad when it's over in a year or so.

I now have the dreadful cold that my husband had earlier this week. He still has it a bit, in fact. He was sick a few weeks ago with the flu so it's been a rough two weeks for him. Somewhere in between illnesses we had our trip to the midwest, so that was a nice respite. (if somewhat exhausting at the same time)

I hope to get some stitching in today, and if I do I'll post a project picture. I haven't stitched in a few weeks.

Thanks for all your comments and kind words!



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