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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Stuff

Christmas Lights

I am finally here again! It seems as if it has been forever.

Christmas has come and gone, and I still haven't shared photos of some special Yuletide items in our home. I'll share the items today, if you don't mind. At a later time I will share photos from the actual holiday celebrations.

Here's a very special Christmas ornament my dear friend Jenny gave me when our daughter was born back in 1983.
Baby's First Christmas Ornament

This ornament means "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian, and it was stitched by my friend Janet:
Glaede Jul Ornament- Norwegian

This was also stitched by Janet:
Christmas Ornament

Another gorgeous one stitched by her:
Little Stocking Ornament

Kathryn stitched these two ornaments. I love how they're simply finished in an embroidery hoop:
Teddy Bear Ornament

1987 Ornament

Here's a few more ornaments on our tree that I wanted to share today.
I bought this monkey one for my son many years ago:
Christmas Monkey Ornament

I bought this one at one of those 'at home' parties. I have no idea what the company's name was.

Christmas Ornament

My brother and his wife brought us this one back from Russia:
Russian Ornament

This ornament was drawn with pencils by my friend Janet:
Santa Claus Drawing Ornament

Some photos of the tree:
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The beautiful nut ring my mom made us a few years ago:

Christmas Nut Ring

Stockings hung on our antique armoire. We don't have a fireplace, so this works out fine:

Christmas with roses still in bloom:
Christmas Time- The Roses are Still Blooming

Thanks for stopping by on this winter's evening.

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