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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Never Say Never


Here's a photo of a wonderful hummingbird eating at my new feeder in our backyard. I love to watch them fly around!

I returned from our trip a few days ago. Going on a trip is always fun, but it also always reminds me how much I love to come home. The trip was great overall, and I even hit upon some good luck while on the trip. I'm very grateful for that, and feel very, very lucky.

Yesterday I drove with my mom about 150 miles to visit with some cousins. We had a complete blast, and I somehow bet the waiter was glad to see us leave after we sat in that restaurant for four hours. We all live far apart, so we choose to meet up at a central location. There's nothing like talking with people you've known your whole life. What a history you share.

Tomorrow I am hosting a small gathering at my home. I'm having a group of students come here, and a few of them will be giving me some cooking lessons of their native cuisine. Knowing them they'll bring some more food, but just in case they don't bring any food that means that today will be spent preparing a casserole and salad for them to enjoy together. Busy times for me, but that's fine as I've had such a relaxing summer so far.

On the stitching front, last evening on the way home from my "cousin gathering" I stopped at a craft store and bought some little sticker numbers with the DMC colors on them. You place them on the thread bobbins. I love them in a 'nerdalicious' way. I started putting them on one box of my many boxes of floss last night, but stopped at one point due to exhaustion. (It was after ten at that point.) Have you seen these little numbers? Do you use them? When I first saw these stickers I never thought I'd use them, but as they say, "Never say never."

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  • At July 25, 2007 at 3:58 PM , Blogger Susan said...

    I love those little sticker numbers! I definitely use them - the bobbins that I buy now plastic, so you can't write on them, which means the stickers are perfect! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes them.

    That hummingbird picture is adorable! I think hummingbirds are my favorite kind of bird!

  • At July 28, 2007 at 5:14 PM , Blogger stitcherw said...

    I haven't seen them, but I'm going to look. I use a hardware cabinet, the kind that has all the drawers in it that normally would hold screws and such. I lay my floss in that and then can just pull the drawer out when I want a color. Currently I have the numbers on the front of the drawer, the "from to" numbers. I need to get a second one cabinet, as the first is getting a bit crowded. Since will be spreading my floss out a bit, I'll need to re-label which colors are in which drawers. The little stickers if I put the "from to" numbers on the drawers would look much neater than the ones I write now (plus since already are printed the labeling would go quicker).


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