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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More VOS (Very Old Stitching)

Back of Embroidered Chambray Shirt
I'm so glad I hung onto this shirt. I embroidered it way back when I was in high school. I have finally mastered more camera skills, so now I can share some photos.Back in March I showed some other VOS here, if you care to take a peek at that.
Embroidered Chambray Shirt
Above you can see the front view of the shirt. I should have used a brighter yellow for the herringbone stitch down the front, but I'm sure that was the only yellow I had available to use.

Here's that herringbone stitch: Herringbone Stitch

Here is a picture of the sleeve's cuff:
Satin Stitch Flowers on Shirt Sleeve Cuff
I really like how the sleeve's cuff turned out on this shirt.

Finally, here's the cottage at the end of the rainbow: Embroidered House on Chambray Shirt

Someday I'll have to embroider another one of these shirts. Will I have the nerve to ever actually wear it? That's another subject completely.

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