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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can't believe I did this.

I am in disbelief, really. I started Summer Queen four years ago, and thought I only had a few beads left at this point. I thought I would finish her yesterday, in fact.

"I thought" is the key point here! On Monday night I was winding down after a full evening stitching and I noticed that my pattern had some odd marks at the bottom. (I work off a copy, not off the original.) I pulled out the original pattern and to my great shock I found that when I copied it years ago I completely missed copying a section at the bottom of her dress! The copy I had was completely straight along the bottom, so it rather looked like the correct bottom of it, but of course it's not. Upon further examination I noticed that it only had nine squares running vertically in the bottom section, and not ten. Duh on my part!

I have about 2000 stitches left at the bottom of the pattern. (30 some stitches going down, but many more across!) I took this whole discovery very calmly, and was more in a state of disbelief. Yesterday my daughter and I went to the copy store and made a copy of the "correct" bottom part, and last night I began adding to the bottom of the dress so that it's the proper length.

I'll have to post a picture of this soon.

Maybe I need to bring back my rotation. I've been working on her solidly since Christmas, although I did go weeks and weeks here and there without any stitching in at all.

In an odd way I'm rather glad she's not done. I truly have enjoyed stitching her, and it's always a bit sad when these large pieces are finally finished. Perhaps that feeling is the most unbelievable part of all, really.

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