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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Knotty Finish

Yes, I did it! My first finish in over THREE years. The stocking I started in December 2003 is now done. I'll wash it later this week and get it ready for the not-so-LNS finishing folks.

I changed a few of the french knots to white beads. Thanks, Terri, for the suggestion.

It's weird, I've always liked french knots,but I was having trouble doing them on this piece. I then figured out that the problem wasn't the french knots, but it was that I wasn't having good luck with them while using Q-snaps. I've always french knotted the 'in hand' way, and never with the Q-snaps before. I removed the Q-snaps and they worked out just fine. I still left the beads on the mistle toe greenery, as I like it that way just fine.

The popcorn strings are a clump of french knots, and they seem all right, too. I did them inhand after casting my Q-snap aside.

I've now done two stockings in the BHG series, and I'd like to do at least two more in that series. I still haven't decided if I'll do that, really, or switch to Shepherd's Bush.

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