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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Memories

1987 Ornament

I got this ornament way back in 1987 from a very dear friend. I love hanging up all the precious ornaments I've received over the years. I haven't made many ornaments myself, but some year I will!

Here is a recap of the holiday season, done pictorially:

Festival of Lights
Animated Figures on a beautiful display we visited

Arriving at the Festival of Lights
Arriving at the Hotel's Display

Festival of Lights
Gorgeous Lights!

Festival of Lights
Viewing Beautiful Lights

Mission Inn and Carriage
Love the Carriage- Some Lucky Folks Ready for a Ride

Elf at Festival of Lights
An Elf

Festival of Lights
Stagecoach Ride

Festival of Lights
From Across the Street, and Down a Block

Some Crafty Project Kits

Craft Prep
Love the Colors!

Little Craft Stockings
Waiting for Adornment

I did a lot of baking this holiday season, but I didn't take any pictures of anything I baked or made. The bottom line is I realized that next year I won't do very much baking. I'm saying that now, but maybe by next December I'll forget my words.


Heirloom Christmas Stockings- Counted Crosstitch
A Few of Our Stockings
Counted Crosstitch and Country Crafts Heirloom Stockings by Donna Kooler (BHG)

Finnish Reindeer and Norsk Santa
Reindeer from Finland- A Gift to my Parents


It was a wonderful holiday, and we had family with us on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day. I can't believe it's already over for another year. I hope you too had a joyous holiday.

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