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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Perfect Flop

I wish I had the chance to stitch a bit lately, but I haven't. It's been a busy, fun-filled month.

Today I just wanted to pop in and share a photo of a cake I baked yesterday. It was baked in honor of our daughter's birthday, and I made the silly mistake of trying a new recipe the day of the party. The cake did turn out delicious, but I had a terrible time getting it out of the pan. It's a vanilla bundt cake, made from scratch. It was topped with rich cream cheese frosting, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all despite its appearance. I just kind of slapped it all together, and slathered the icing on top to make it stay together. I guess the lesson is that even flops can be perfect, in their imperfection.

The cake after I tried to remove it from the pan:
Cake that flopped

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