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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winding Down... and A Cat's Story

It's already Thursday. Where has the week gone? Time off goes so quickly, it's amazing.

As far as stitching goes,I've added a few more details to my sampler, including a few people and a soon-to-be completed alphabet. Update photos to follow!

You are forewarned. The rest of this post is about our cat, Inga.




Our son found Inga in some bushes near his friend's house about 11 years ago. He was staying overnight at this boy's house, and tiny Inga stood on her hind legs and peeked through the boy's close-to-the-ground bedroom window and watched the boys as they played. Naturally, our son came home the next day and asked if we could keep her. We decided we could, although at the time we had two other cats, and our dog Katie. Inga was tiny then and about eight weeks old, and we had to feed her special food for a few months as she had major digestive issues. She's always had the habit of sucking her toe when she sleeps or relaxes. I guess she's quite resourceful, isn't she?

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She's extremely reclusive and basically spends all her time in the back rooms of our house. In fact, she has two rooms to herself as well as our bedroom. She rarely ventures out into the living room or family room, and she never goes outside. Our other cats are in and out all day long. I guess that's what happens when your life starts out in a shrub, and your mom is nowhere to be found.

Our other cats and Inga never bonded too much, but that's how it goes with cats. She's been known to bravely charge our 80 pound greyhound when he comes in our bedroom and she's lying on the bed. He always retreats in complete fear!

She also likes to visit people who use the front bathroom and don't completely latch the door. Odd, isn't she?



She's a beautiful cat, and we love having her.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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