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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter & Sampler Update

Roses from the Yard

I want to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a happy one! There will be 14 or so of us for brunch here tomorrow, so we've been busy getting ready for that.

Above are some roses from our yard that I've put in vases for tomorrow. I'm so grateful that we have roses now. We planted most of them four years ago, I believe, and they're really doing well now. The red one is called Chrysler Imperial, and I love its brilliance of color. The red and white pedals at the base are from a rose called Scentimental, and the yellow/pink/white variegated one is Cabana. Also in the mix of roses is Tournament of Roses, Oregon Gold, and Perfume Delight.

I finished the grass area under the lower right hand corner's house. Here it is:
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I then added an alphabet from a sampler book I purchased on clearance at a general bookstore. After a bit of thought, I decided upon a deep reddish color for the alphabet. I improvised on the flowers near the alphabet, and I like how they turned out, I think.

Alphabet on Sampler

I placed some people near the center home, along with the same improvised flowers:
People Added to Sampler

Here's a peek at the whole thing now:
House and Garden Sampler

I need to finish the border, and add a few more touches here and there. Then it's off to be framed at some point.

Thanks for stopping by today, and Happy Easter to you. Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement regarding this sampler! Your words mean so much to me.

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